At HQST Solar we pride ourselves on offering affordable solar solutions for the off-grid solar market. Our goal is aimed towards people looking to get the best value out of their solar set-up. Our company’s main competitive advantages are controlling our solar panel manufacturing, specializing in off-grid solar solutions, having affordable products, and offering support to the DIY market.

HQST Solar control’s the manufacturing process of our own solar modules which gives us many advantages, arguably the biggest one being able to control the quality of all of our units. This allows us to ensure that for every panel we produce, we are there every step of the way.

HQST Solar specializes in off-grid applications so our products are tailored towards cabins, RVs, boats, and anything else off of the grid. We believe that off grid gives you the freedom generate energy wherever you want as long as the sun is shining. All this energy can be stored in a battery bank, which can be accessed at any time, to provide you with power to run any DC appliance, or AC if you have a power inverter.

HQST Solar has a very user friendly DIY approach to solar. We like to provide all of the components that you need to set up an off-grid system along with providing you with instructions on how to set up your solar array. This allows you to essentially learn as you go and develop a strong understanding for solar.

We also offer an OEM Service for companies looking to customize their own panel via wattage, size, cell type, etc.